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Field and Technical Services


Agricultural Tax Plans
In 1990, the Colorado state legislature enacted House Bill 1229, which states that certain forest lands can receive a tax valuation status similar to traditional agricultural lands. The Colorado State

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Management Plans
County governments are requiring forest management plans to be part of the county recording and platting process. In Jefferson County, Colorado, a professional forester must prepare a final forest pla

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Stewardship Plans
The USDA Forest Service and State Foresters are responsible for promoting wise management of non-industrial private lands throughout the nation. They accomplish this by administering what is known as

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Timber Sales
Preparing timber sale contracts, bids, and procurement of wood resources to timber producers and utilization.

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beatle.jpg Insects and Diseases
Conduct surveys and evaluations on forest lands to determine the presences of diseases and infestations, the extent of their problem, and the trend or impact on the overall forest health. DES will can

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management.jpg CWPP
We encourage the development of Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP), as defined by the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HFRA). The CWPP enables a community to plan how it will reduce the risk o

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Inspection.jpg Real Estate Inspection
We can provide Real Estate Inspections for insects and diseases for both new real estate purchases or existing land ownership. We have two inspection categories to determine if your exisiting or pros

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